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Writings of Porphyry Ivanov.

Indeed, We offered the Trust (the acceptance of obligations and obedience to Allah) to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man undertook to bear it. — Surah “The Coalition”.

Объ этой публикаціи.

About this publication.


Акбаръ Мухаммадъ. О Порфиріи Ивановѣ.

Akbar Muhammad. About Porphyry Ivanov.

Writings of Porphyry Ivanov.He who will take his place in Nature will live forever. — Porphyry Ivanov.



Ги«Они въ Господа вѣрили какъ въ Бога...»мнъ «Слава Господу жизни!»

“Glory Be to God!” Hymn.“These people trusted in Christ as in God...”

По«По дѣлу я есмь самородокъ...»бѣда моя.

The Victory of Mine.“In the business I am a person of natural gifts...”


Dear Child.



Пр«Гдѣ, скажите, есть такая сила...»ирода.

Nature.“Where is, tell me, the power...”

Ск«„Дѣдусь, разскажи намъ любимую сказку...“»азка.

A Tale.“‘Tell us our favorite tale, dear grandpa...’”

Не«Лежалъ я въ уютной и теплой постелѣ...»забываемое.

The Unforgotten.“I lay in a warm cosy bed, and my thoughts...”

Вь«Ты, вьюга, мглою проносилась...»юга.

The Blizzard.“The blizzard tore around in the dark...”

Знаю, что не разъ была воспѣта...

I know that my land not once...

Ты, вьюга злая, мглой носилась...

Thou, blizzard, sweptest in the darkness...




The Man-Serpent.

О человѣкѣ и звѣрѣ.

About the Man and the Beast.

О пророкѣ Іонѣ.

About the Prophet Jonah.

О близнецахъ.

About the Twins.

О пѣтушкахъ.

About the Cockerels.

О родахъ.

About the Childbirth.

Два брата.

The Two Brothers.

О лжи.

About the Lie.

О вѣрности и неправдѣ.

About the Faithfulness and the Untruth.

О лѣнивыхъ работникахъ.

About the Lazy Workers.

О постѣ.

About the Fast.



Дочь лѣсника.

The Daughter of the Forester.

Заколдованное кольцо.

The Magic Ring.



Обращеніе къ молодежи.

An Address to the Youth.

Письмо студентамъ.

A Letter to the Students.

Обращеніе къ ученымъ.

An Address to the Scientists.

Письмо въ Министерство Здравоохраненія.

A Letter to the Department of Health.

Жизнь человѣка зависитъ отъ природы...

The life of man depends on Nature...

Я прошу и умоляю васъ, люди!

I ask and beg of you, people!

Низко кланяюсь и прошу васъ, люди...

I bow low and exhort you, people...

Какъ избавиться отъ заболѣваній и стать здоровымъ.

How to Get Rid of Diseases and Become Healthy.

Я помню Украинскаго президента...

I remember the Ukrainian President...

Надя много лѣтъ страдала...

Nadya suffered from disease...

Людямъ вѣрующимъ въ него.

To the People Who Trust in Him.

Человѣкъ легкаго характера сдѣлается...

Man will be a one of easy temper...

О природѣ.

About Nature.

Не«Мнѣ хотѣлось крѣпко жить, а вотъ природа не дала...»правда.

The Untruth.“I strongly wanted to live, but Nature did not let to...”

Пять правилъ.

The Five Rules.



Publications on Porphyry Ivanov.If you do not narrate my story, the stones will do. — Porphyry Ivanov.

Валентина Сухаревская. Въ далекія времена...

Valentina Sukharevskaya. In days of yore...

Сергѣй Власовъ. Экспериментъ длиною въ полвѣка.

Sergey Vlasov. A Half a Century Experiment.

Джеромъ Клапка Джеромъ. О Природѣ.

Jerome Klapka Jerome. About Nature.

Акбаръ Мухаммадъ. Два друга.

Akbar Muhammad. The Two Friends.

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