Writings of Porphyry Ivanov. Articles and Letters.

Man will be a person of easy temper...

Man will be a person of easy temper.
He will raise himself up with his umbrella-lungs,
And will fly.
He will not be seen in Nature, nor speak he with voice.
And when he sends his words — he will show himself.
He will be helpful to any one,
And harmful to no one, he will not do bad deeds.
Then he will suddenly narrate about all the millenniums,
About those remote worlds, where dwells the other Creator,
Who gives soul to every one who loves all that exists around us,
Whether it is a stone or a flower, a worm or a man...
The people will live a new way in Nature.
Not planes, not satellites, but the people will achieve.
Man will walk upon water,
That is what the people themselves will achieve.
Nature will not punish them for that,
They will deserve her attention.
The people will love each other, there will be no more war.
That is what shall we achieve in Nature.
This will come, the truth will surround the people.
A man should do his business, and not prevent another man from doing his business...
This is the paradise on earth where people stand beside each other closely.
We shall not be taken away one by one.
Nature will not rule over us, but we shall care for her
With our politeness, our love.
Man will not be sick, there will be no epidemics.
Solemn and happy days will come on earth.
The bright reason will overcome the darkness,
The reasonable sense will overcome the malice...
We all shall be friends of Mother Nature,
We shall not struggle with her any more,
Nor we fight among ourselves.
Such a deed will be after any one’s soul and heart.
We all shall become shining like flowers.
Kindness will appear in Nature, the people will leave their pride,
And there will be a courtesy which will not impede living.
The people will be conscious.
The atmosphere in Nature will be other,
It will change its direction.

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