Writings of Porphyry Ivanov. Articles and Letters.

The Untruth.

I strongly wanted to live, but Nature let not to.
I formerly worked, and now have a rest.
Our learned men were wrong about me, recognized their own disease,
The paranoiac development of personality, schizophrenia.
Oh, how my youth has gone away, I feel sorry for her.
But on the other hand, I boast about his name, appreciate it.
The good man of sense ¹) created me helpful.
My hands are gold, and mind is valuable.
If thou knowest my body, boast about it before every one.
Address to me, ask strongly,
“My dear Teacher, give me my health.” ²)
When thou hast begged me with heart and soul,
Thou wilt never be offended,
And get what thou oughtest to.
Nature is a rich mother: air, water and land,
The closest, dearest, unforgettable friends.
One can learn with them and learn from them
For himself and for others.
Thou hast to work, become tempered in Nature,
Grow willpower that it will be in thee,
And then sow this tiny seed.
We have gotten used to falling ill and catching cold,
And there is no teacher that to teach people,
Except for one Russian common man,
Who has put his powers before all the people,
Not doctor and not healer’s, but his own tempered ones.
He wants to pass them to all the people on the Earth,
To the offended man, forgotten by all patient.
He strongly wants to be healthy in his life,
But such a man who grieves and thinks hard
How to skillfully assist him
Has not been found yet.
He every day sicks and thinks hard,
Suffers in this himself, asks of Nature to open the gate
For this man that to regain his health.
What is the most important in life is to tell her thanks for her care.


¹)It is clear that these words mean “our All-Merciful God”. Let us remember that it was prohibited to spread religion in the Soviet Union, and Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, often spoke and wrote in parables.

²)Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, said about, “Ask of the person thou trustest, and remember me as the initiator of this business,” and it may safely be said that this parable means that we must make a request to God, glory be to Him, what means that we must pray. The God of the Earth openly wrote it in the poem “Nature” (“Природа”) and in the work “The Five Rules” (“Пять правилъ”).

And it is clear that the request “My dear Teacher, give me my health” reflects Surah “The Opening”.

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