Writings of Porphyry Ivanov. A Hymn to God.

The Victory of Mine.

In the business I am a person of natural gifts,
And my source is the tempering-training.
I work alone
For the benefit of the whole mankind.
I learn from Nature,
I speak in peace.
Truly want I to say
About the self-preservation of my cell.
My healthy, young and tempered
Heart is of a twenty-five-year-old man.
My appearance is in the light.
I am not afraid of any enemy,
Even of my own death.
If it were not so,
I should be dead a long time ago.
A man of the Earth am I.
Breathe I very deeply,
And speak with asperity
Not about a wonder,
But about Nature,
About the practical physical phenomenon.
The most important is the fresh air,
The inhalation and the exhalation,
The snowy awakening,
The instantaneous healing
Of the central nervous part of the brain.
I love my patient,
Wot his soul and heart well,
And want to help him —
Through my hands I kill his pain with the current ¹).
This is not mere saying,
But everything is done by action.
My hand is writing, “The Sovereign.”
I will never forget about,
It is a very fair business.
My request is the following:
It will be necessary to ask of me ²),
Then thou wilt ever be healthy.
Who will not be in need of —
A youth of ours,
A man or an elder?
Not so, my dears,
It is a matter of world importance.
We must love Nature like our mother,
Appreciate and cherish her
Like the apple of the eye,
This is the truth.
Disease rules not over man,
But man himself rules over disease.
We have to learn the teaching of Ivanov
In order to go neither to prison
Nor to hospital,
And live freely without asking for trouble.
How glorious shall we be
If we spread our politeness,
Say to an old man, an old woman,
A man, a woman, a young man,
“Health to you.” ³)
Oh, my hard life is for all people.
Do understand ye my patience,
Temper your hearts.
My dear people,
Look ye at the Sun,
Ye will see your truth
And your healing —
To be such men as I am:
The Conqueror of Nature,
Teacher of the people,
The God of the Earth ⁴).

¹)There are the other words of Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, “I don’t heal, I’m looking for my people,” and he also said, “I came to gather my people.” (Let us remember that the God of the Earth could not manifest that he was a messenger of Allah and spoke on his behalf, because it was pro­hib­it­ed to spread religion in the Soviet Union.)

²)Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, said about, “Ask of the person thou trustest, and remember me as the initiator of this business,” and it may safely be said that the par­a­ble “it will be necessary to ask of me” means that we must make a request to Allah, glorious and exalted is He, what means that we must pray. The God of the Earth openly wrote it in the poem “Nature” (“Природа”) and in the work “The Five Rules” (“Пять правилъ”).

³)It is a greeting in Rossia.

⁴)There are the other words of Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, “The Teacher asks you as his dear and intimate disciples not to be silent, but act. Ye have got­ten the teach­ing, keep it in the healthy heart.”

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