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How to Get Rid of Diseases and Become Healthy.

The life of man depends on Nature. At the time of his birth he was bathed with water, pushed out by air and received by earth. Man did not want to live in Nature, surrounded by air, water and earth, and began to create artificial conditions for his life. But whether he wants it or not, he has to face with the natural atmosphere. The people have walked a wrong way, Nature loves the man, who himself loves her with heart and soul.

We are not guaranteed against misfortunes, and the destined day waits for us. We have the wish to avoid all those dis­as­ters, but we want to live only well and that the body will stay in warmth. Every one tries to avoid the bad and the cold, thinking that such a way is better, but what takes place in Nature is not what people think and want. The time comes, and it turns out that our separation from Nature and living in hothouse conditions lead us to many diseases, including cancer. But the life of mankind be­gan in cold and without comfort, in hard con­di­tions, face to face with Nature. The people live on, but no one knows what is nec­es­sary to do that to conquer both external and internal en­e­mies of the body. Diseases steal up silently and invisibly, but operate upon the body strongly and to get rid of them is very difficult or im­pos­si­ble.

But there is a man who can conquer the invisible enemy. He says that this enemy once attacked his elbow and then spread up to his shoulder. He opposed the enemy with all his strength. His allies are air, water and earth. For fifteen days he struggled with the disease, used a thousand blows and many different techniques and did win.

Man has continually struggled with Nature, but he must seek inside himself the means for the victory over death. Today death is over us, but tomorrow we shall overcome it. We try to take and use only good sides of Nature and avoid anything which is bad, but there is the other side of the coin: a good influence weakens the body, while a bad one strengthens it, forces to work more intensively and increases its de­fense forces.

We must gain from Nature the strength to struggle with diseases. She is the main thing, everything takes place according to her laws, and we are a part of Nature and live according to her laws too, and the same forces act inside us. The people believe in no one and in nothing, they created such thoughts themselves and surrounded themselves with a mental atmosphere of disbelief, separated from Nature, both phys­i­cal­ly and mentally, created technics and started a war with Nature, having opposed themselves against her, not thinking what all this may cause.

Ivanov does not war with Nature, she is his friend. He endures for the truth and for the independence of man from the surrounding con­di­tions, for the long and eternal life. All men know how to die, but it is necessary to learn to live. Ivanov lives not only for himself, but also for people, so that not only he alone will feel good, but that his life will be helpful to all. Nature loves those who love her. She does not punish such a man.

There lives in Moscow a man whose name is Sergey Ivanovich Kachalin, he works in the Railway Transport Ministry. A malignant tumor appeared on his upper lip. When the tumor enlarged, he had to consult with doctors. They decided to ablate the upper lip with a part of the teeth. Kachalin refused the operation. He was told that there is a man who can help him. That man lives near Rostov city, and arrives in Moscow for the sick people. And he is Ivanov.

The truth opened up before Kachalin. Ivanov took him, and listened with attention. Ivanov says that people with various kinds of diseases come to him and ask for help, but he does not need their diseases, he needs the people themselves, who will be able to get rid of their sicknesses with his help. He teaches that the cause of all diseases is in the people them­selves. Their wrong thinking and, as a result, wrong actions create conditions for the development of various diseases. We must not distance ourselves from Nature, and must take her as she is. Then the body will live according to the prescribed to it laws, and become strong, healthy and hardy. It is necessary to say many thanks to the man, who got the strength from Nature with a great hardship and began to use it for the benefit of the people, sparing not himself.

Nature punishes us for our bad deeds. The healthy people live not knowing that sooner or later the time will come, and Nature will punish them with her powers for all the bad made by them. But to others, who follow the path of Ivanov, she will give an “easy” life. The man, whom Nature trusts for his merits before her, will help them to get it. Nature will save this man, and he will live with us forever, for him there will be no death. This will certainly come. He will achieve it with his strength. But for us, the ordinary people, he will be invisible.

Ivanov asked Kachalin to do everything in his system, passing not anything, and then he will receive healing. The Teacher says that his health is your health, that he has gotten it in plenty, and shares it with his patients through his hands, he passes them a part of his health. While a patient receives energy of the healthy man through his hands, the Teacher ex­plains what and how is necessary to do that to keep health.

Sergey Ivanovich tells the Teacher that he smoked and drank vodka before this, but now he decided to give it up. The Teacher bade him to follow his system and do the following:

Firstly, pour cold water upon thyself in the morning and before sleeping in the evening, that thou feltest good. It will take thy will-power and thou wilt have to work at thyself.

Secondly, it is necessary to wish health to other people, if thou wishest to get it. Greet all people — the ones thou knowest and strangers, do not wait when they greet thee, but be the first to say, “Health to you.” ¹)

Thirdly, do not be a niggard and a money-grubber, share with he who is needy, and do not wait when he asks thee, but offer him thy help. Say to thyself that thou doest for him good that thou also feltest good.

Fourthly, it is necessary to fast for forty-two hours, taking neither food nor water. Thou hast to start at eighteen o’clock on Friday and finish at twelve o’clock on Sunday. Before eating go outdoors and inhale the air through thy mouth from the height and ask of the person thou trustest in to give thee health with the air ²). It is necessary to do that every week and wait for this time, and meet it as a high day. Every day, morning and evening, walk barefoot upon the ground or snow and do not forget to breathe correctly, as it was written above.

And fifthly, do not spit and expectorate upon the ground. Do not drink and smoke.

All together wakes up the body, remodels and tunes the mind in a new way. All this was found by people and is used by Ivanov and other people for deliverance from diseases. We must use these natural forces and qualities, they are the sa­cred things of the world. The Teacher says that he is not doctor, to treat patients, and that he is not healer, to deliver people from diseases, but he is a practical worker. He has learned how to use the forces of Nature, and appeals to others to do it.

The people do not seek for the mystery of human life, they are more interested in external sides, such as earth, space, and so on. They live on their own, apart from Nature, thinking it is an inexhaustible source, and do not care about the con­se­quenc­es that may occur as a result of the irrational activities of man.

It would do no harm to recall to mind Krylov’s fable “The Pig under the Oak” ³). Man looks just the same, it would not be a bad thing for him to look into himself, to understand his own nature, and then act outside, being firmly aware of what he needs.

Yes, looking at Ivanov, at his tempering, we can say that he is a man of natural gifts, who came out from the depth of the nation. He alone has consciously walked this path, and gives his knowledge to the people for their benefit, for preserving their health. The truth itself speaks through his mouth. He has tempered his body, his heart works as the heart of a twenty-five-year-old young man, thanks to his will-power he is not afraid of any disease, any negative influence of the atmosphere, and even death itself. There is no wonder because he uses the forces of Nature. He says that the fresh air plays the decisive role, that the correct inhalation and exhalation wake up the body, give fast recovery and quickly restore the strength of the body, having an effect on the central nervous system.

But instead of using the already proven natural ways of getting health, the people are afraid to talk about, because it seems to be similar to something supernatural. Yes, if a person cannot think independently, takes on trust just what comes out of official circles, then, of course, everything that is not included in this framework should be discarded, as something incomprehensible, and therefore supernatural. This is the logic of primitive people. If everything the Teacher talks about exists, if the facts confirm that, then this is the truth itself. And the fact that we cannot explain that at the present time for lack of knowledge does not mean that everything should be denied. Only the Inquisition did so at its time. In­com­pre­hen­si­ble does not mean non-existent. The things we cannot understand today will become clear tomorrow. The people’s knowl­edge has been increasing — it is the process of mankind evolution.

In the past, great discoveries of lone persons were rarely clear to their contemporaries, and were evaluated by future generations. To tell the truth, the nature of people has changed little since then, and, basically, the attitude of people to new discoveries remains the same. Yet we live in the twentieth century, we should look at these things with other eyes, and take into account not only the present day.

The Teacher says that disease does not predominate over man. On the contrary, man is above Nature, and it is in his power to get rid of all kinds of negative influence, not by seeking outside help, but with the internal forces of his body, waking it up by the method, which the Teacher has tested upon himself and many patients, who asked him for help.

The Teacher says that we must love not only ourselves, but all people on the whole, greet anyone we meet. This inculcates love of people, and the heart of man is gradually woken up and called for a higher purpose. It is necessary to accustom ourselves to live in unfavorable con­di­tions, and do it consciously, what tempers both physical and mental essence of man. We should not have unreal wishes, because the unreal wishes lead us to dissatisfaction with life, what raises nervous dis­or­ders and all kinds of diseases.

In general, the Teacher calls to clean the physical body with the natural way of life, and the nervous system with ab­ste­mi­ous­ness and pa­tience. The natural way of life means to accept in Nature not only the good side, but the bad one as well, only in this case the body will equally perceive any qualities that exist in Nature, staying in the balance of internal forces, what means to be healthy in contrast to people, living in the hothouse conditions in unnatural way of life.

Ivanov the Teacher.

13 February 1967. ⁴)

¹)It is a greeting in Rossia.

²)It is clear that these words mean that we must make a request to Allah, glorious and exalted is He, what means that we must pray. Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, openly wrote it in the poem “Nature” (“Природа”) and in the work “The Five Rules” (“Пять правилъ”).

³)In that fable, the pig undermines roots of the oak that brings it acorns for living.

⁴)This text is adapted from Anonymous’ translation.

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