Writings of Porphyry Ivanov. Parables.

About the Twins.

In the period the letter says about, a woman gave birth to twins. The Lord sent a prophet to kill the mother. He comes and sees: she is lying, the one sucks one breast, and the other sucks the other. And while seeing this picture, he thinks, “How can I kill her? What will these little ones do without mom? They will die...” And he returned to the Lord.

“Well?” He says, “I couldn’t do it, the one sucks one breast, the other sucks the other, and she is sleeping...”

The Lord instantly took off his gift.

He sent another one. And what about that one? He did it. Came and killed her. And these twins were left without mother. Did they die? No. They were taken into the royal palace! And became geniuses. They turned into the people that were thought by Mother Nature herself. And not into others.

And so it be. A man takes up the position which he is suited, and does that for which he was born by Nature.

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