List of Poems and Songs in Commentaries.

They stirred up the preadamite evil... — “To the Defamers of Rossia” by Alexander Pushkin.

Throw your blues as a cantaloupe rind!.. — “The war! what ye know about, comrade?..” by Igor Girkin.

Condemned to Life. — “The Captive” by Rudyard Kipling.

Hunting for Wild Boars.“At present I’ve been through with battles...” by Igor Girkin.

Hymn to the Sea and the Mountains. — “The Sea and the Hills” by Rudyard Kipling.

The White Silence.“Blow the Very Cold Winds” by Stanislav Slutsker.

This night the sea cannot relax...“On the Death of Pompeii” by Alexander Pushkin.

A Pirate Song.“A Pirate Lyrical Song” by Bulat Okudzhava.

The Storm.“The Russian Columbuses” by Stanislav Slutsker, “Now we don’t hear the sound of the sea...” and “The Old-Timers Go Home” by anonymous authors.

Become a Seaman.“Albatrosses” by Stanislav Slutsker, “The Ship” by Valery Belozerov.

We mind not the weather... — “The Beginners” by Anonymous.

We put out to ocean...“The Submarine” by Anonymous, “Kursk” and “The Steel Fellows” by Stanislav Slutsker, “The Submariners’ Song” by Alexander Gorodnitsky, “A Good-Looking Girl” by Alexander Zharov, “The Tired Submarine” by Sergey Grebennikov.

A Day.“The Prophet” by Alexander Pushkin.

A Ballad of Time.“The Cart of Life” by Alexander Pushkin, “Cities and Thrones and Powers...” by Rudyard Kipling, “Hail, guest, and enter freely!” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

A Song about Hurt Time.“Do work, dear child!”, “The Child Who Got a Letter of Commendation” and “Sabit Is Learning to Read” by Gabdulla Tukay.

The Dark.“Two Roads” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Ballad of the Children of Books.“Life” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Ballad of the Free Archers.“A Song of Robin Hood” by Leo Prozorovsky.

If ye’ve found yourself in a strange land...“When in thy course of life it happens...” by Gabdulla Tukay.

On Fatal Dates and Figures.“To Poet” and “For Memory” by Gabdulla Tukay, “The Poet and the Fools” by Alexander Pushkin, “The Fabulists” by Rudyard Kipling.

The Goner’s Song. — “I’ve outlived my own yearnings...” and “To V. F. Raevsky” by Alexander Pushkin.

The Silly Dream. — “The Exhortation for Myself” by Igor Girkin.

Don’t thou fall into gloom... — “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

What I Hate.“Having wished to flee from sorrow and pain...” by Gabdulla Tukay.

Alyoha. — “The Bridegroom” by Rudyard Kipling.

The Criminal Code.“The Book” by Gabdulla Tukay.

We Have Gone.“Slowly clouds float cross the sky...” by Alexander Galich.

All Is Iced. — “We live in the dead emptiness...” by Vladimir Vysotsky, “Immorality” by Gabdulla Tukay.

An outsider will step in my soul...“My Advice” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Gypsy Song. — “Gipsy Vans” by Rudyard Kipling.

Tumen Oil.“A Case at the Mine” by Vladimir Vysotsky.

ABOUT THE PROPHETS.“A Song about the Wise Oleg” by Alexander Pushkin.

A Robber Song.“The Hard Lot” by Gablulla Tukay.

I perceive neither angry nor blue...“Fir” by Gabdulla Tukay.

The crown...“Bound Rossia appealed to her sons...” and “The Destinies of Officer” by Igor Girkin, “Rossia to the Pacifists” by Rudyard Kipling.

The Wooden Clothing. — “From one to another thorp moved he...” by Joseph Dzhugashvili, “Love thou life and love thy people...” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Ballad of the Past.“There the Nightingale’s Warbling...” by Anonymous.

There is no more beautiful country...“A Prayer” by Stanislav Slutsker, “A Morning” by Joseph Dzhugashvili.

About Signs of the Zodiac. — “An Astrologer’s Song” by Rudyard Kipling.

A Ballad of the Bath-House.“Sadness” by Gablulla Tukay.

It’s the most wonderful... — “When Earth’s last picture is painted...” by Rudyard Kipling.

One can easy get the works... — “Every rumor here pleases my soul...” and “It’s really great...” by Vladimir Vysotsky, “One can love...” by Gabdulla Tukay.

I lead my life in abject beggary...“Yesterday and Today” by Gabdulla Tukay.

I can’t seek the oblivion of sleep...“The Poet” by Gabdulla Tukay.

Now with no grin... — “A Mouse That Fell into a Bowl of Milk” by Gabdulla Tukay.

About the Chinese Problem. — “Mama, mama, how shall I endure that?..” by Anonymous.

He’d gotten whatever wanted...“Against Gold” and “The Words of Leo Tolstoy” by Gabdulla Tukay.

The Song of Goger-Moger. — “The Lay Brother” by Joseph Dzhugashvili.

About Sergey Thomin.“About My Master Sergeant” by Vladimir Vysotsky.

There are no more green oak trees... — “There’s a green oak by a cove curving...” by Alexander Pushkin, “A fir-tree, green and little...” by Raisa Kudasheva, “The Blue Railcar” by Eduard Uspensky, “Our Land” by Anton Prishelets, “My Village” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Song-Tale about the Jinnee.“Where was I yesterday?..” and “I loved to wine...” by Vladimir Vysotsky.

The Nature Reserve.“To Birds” and “The Poor Hare” by Gabdulla Tukay.

To the wood...“In the Workshop” by Gabdulla Tukay, “The Secret of the Machines” by Rudyard Kipling.

My comrade now isn’t here, but... — “The Thousandth Man” by Rudyard Kipling.

A Lullaby.“A Lullaby” by Gabdulla Tukay.

Catherine.“To a Disgraced Tatar Girl” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Sad Love Song. — “The Vampire” by Rudyard Kipling.

TWO LOVE SONGS.“The Comprehension of the Truth” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Ballad of the Flowers.“The Moth” by Gabdulla Tukay.

A Family in the Stone Age.“You should know that I was a stoic ’fore...” by Vladimir Vysotsky.

A Dialogue in front of the Television.“Calmness in the Family” by Gabdulla Tukay.

The Space Villains’ March. — “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” by Rudyard Kipling.

A Lecture on the State of Modern Science. — “Raise higher your glasses...” by Alexander Pushkin.

Though I’m awake, I dream prophetic verses...“My Star”, “Follow My Way” and “On Criticism” by Gabdulla Tukay.

It’s my fate — to the finishing line, to the cross...“What Is Sweetness?” by Gabdulla Tukay.

The Event.“Repentance” by Gabdulla Tukay.

The Monument.“I’ve raised a monument not made by human hand...” by Alexander Pushkin.

The Appeal. — “The Prayer of Miriam Cohen” and “Non nobis, Domine!” by Rudyard Kipling.

I Write to You. — “I have eaten your bread and salt...” by Rudyard Kipling.

I’ll wake up in a morning... — “The Policemen’s Song” by Akbar Muhammad.

The Wind. — “If woman gets a thought...” by Akbar Muhammad.

On Volodya Vysotsky. — “The Appeal” by Rudyard Kipling.

In Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky.“Atlantes” by Alexander Gorodnitsky.

The Poet’s dead! — a slave to honor... — “Death of the Poet” by Mikhail Lermontov.

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