Vladimir Vysotsky. The Interrupted Flifht.

Commentary to the poem “Though I’m awake, I dream prophetic verses...”

To this section, it can be added Vladimir Vysotsky’s poem “Why do I run toward a knife?..”:

Why do I run toward a knife?
Because has come the proper time.

And why does he sit in the slime?
Because he likes the croakers’ life.

Here can also be added the poet’s quatrain “It’s not a joke that it’s really mortal...”:

It’s not a joke that it’s really mortal
To hinder folks from hearing my songs.
One can do seven days without water,
And only five without me, not more.

This poem calls to mind Lucius Annaeus Seneca’s words: “Id facere laus est quod decet, non quod licet.” (“It is praiseworthy to do what is becoming, and not merely what is lawful.”)

Here also come to mind Gabdulla Tukay’s poems “My Star”, “Follow My Way” and “On Criticism”.

The presented text is adapted from Sergey Roy’s translation.

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