Vladimir Vysotsky. My Hamlet.

Commentary to the poem “The Silly Dream”.

To this section, it can be added Vladimir Vysotsky’s sketch to the film “Armed and Very Dangerous” (1977):

If you were asked once, “Would you wish
To be the image of a beast?”

What’d you reply to this,
What’d you reply to this,

Come on, reveal it!

If you were asked then, “Would you please
To really turn into a beast?”

What’d you reply to this,
What’d you reply to this?

Come on, reveal it!

Here can also be added Igor Girkin’s poem “The Exhortation for Myself”:

Don’t wait for orders! don’t sit still,

Don’t listen to dulcet tones!

Go forward through downpours and winds

And wailing of snowstorms!

Forget about repose and ease,

While thou’rt alive — make way!

There will be ages for those deeds

When lying in the grave!

Be honest, brave, do a real work,

Be at thy work a swell.

If get’st to order — take care of

Thy people as of thyself!

The man, who’s never made o’ersights,

Has spent his days in vain —

That man hasn’t born the load of life

And dragged without avail!

Don’t be concerned about a get

And what the public says —

Remember that but God will set

A price for thy affairs!

The presented text is adapted from Sergey Roy and Alec Vagapov’s translations.

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