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Commentary to the song “We put out to ocean...”

This song has much in common with the sailor song “The Submarine” (there is a video on the tragedy of “Kursk” to it). And if we talk about “Kursk”, it is necessary to recall the song of the same name by the veteran of the submarine fleet Stanislav Slutsker, dedicated to her crew. He also wrote the song “The Steel Fellows”, which is dedicated to the crew of the submarine “Buki-825”. Another close in spirit song is “The Submariners’ Song” by Alexander Gor­od­nit­sky. And there are two other good songs about the submariners, these are Alexander Zharov’s “A Good-Looking Girl” and Sergey Grebennikov’s “The Tired Submarine”.

The words “to protect our honor and the planet aflame” are an allusion to Rudyard Kipling’s words from “The Canadian Memorial”.

The song was written for the film “The Different Opinion” (1967), performed in the play of the Taganka Theater “A House on the Embankment”.

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