Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. The Interrupted Flifht.

Commentary to the song “The Monument”.

Here can be drawn a parallel with Alexander Pushkin’s poem “I’ve built myself a monument mere hands can’t topple...”

“To direct the dead men’s rank” is a paraphrase of the quote from Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin” “directs the living men’s rank”.

T h e C o m m a n d e r means Commander de Salva from Alexander Pushkin’s poetic drama “The Stone Guest” based on the Spanish legend of Don Juan. The phrase “Com­mand­er’s steps” has become winged words in Rossia in reference to the approach of a sinister fate.

The presented text is adapted from Stas and Margaret Porokhnya, George Tokarev and Anonymous’ translations.

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