Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. A Ballad of Fighting.

Commentary to “The Mystery of Hippies”.

As the epigraph to this mystery, there can be used the words of Porphyry Ivanov, peace be upon him, from his article “The life of man depends on Na­ture...” (this article is in Russian): “If we have not change our stream to a new one, our children shall have beaten us.”

“God’s on our side, one won’t harm us” is a paraphrase of the Russian proverb used in the original, which goes as “He whom God helps, a pig can’t eat” (or “He whom God helps, nobody can harm”).

The mystery was written for the film “The Flight of Mr. McKinley” (1975), where the hero seeks to escape from the outside world, and from himself.

There is Vladimir Vysotsky’s other song in this film, “The Ballad of Departing for Paradise”.

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