Vladimir Vysotsky. Serving the Elements.

Commentary to the song “Become a Seaman”.

This song harmonizes with the sailor song “The Beginners”:

Mirthful waves dance on the scope,
Try to touch the tired seamen.
With the old salts, till the ocean
The beginners, the beginners.

While behind the heavy tempests,
In a distant land somewhere,
Their dear captains, there wait for
The fair lasses with forbearance.

Don’t ye hasten to fall in love with,
O lads on the dry land living,
These fair lasses’ dreams are but with
The beginners, the beginners.

They’ll come back to their own harbor
For great gladness and for woe
One won’t able to look around
Or they have to put to ocean.

What’s the reason, O ye sea souls,
For your wish to go from here?
Such a question is simple odd for
The beginners, the beginners...

And there is Stanislav Slutsker’s song “Albatrosses”, which has much in common with this one. And, of course, it calls to mind Valery Belozerov’s poem “The Ship”.

The song was performed in the film “The Wind of Hope” (1978).

The song was written in 1976.

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