Vladimir Vysotsky. Our Life Has Lots of Edges.

Commentary to the poem “Now without grinning...”

It is pertinent to recall here Gabdulla Tukay’s poem “A Mouse That Fell into a Bowl of Milk” (from an American newspaper) (this text is adapted from Anon­y­mous’ translation):

I don’t know how or why, but I was told
That once a mouse fell down into a bowl
Of milk, swam here and there, and couldn’t escape,
And it seemed that unhappy was his fate.
He who’s gotten into trouble should be in motion!
He, keeping that, was paddling with no pause.
His efforts weren’t in vain, I’m pleased to say,
He swam so long, that butter there was made,
And, after breathing, he was standing on.
Then he leapt off and ran into his hole.
O my dear friend! if drown’st thou one bad day,
Don’t give up hope, be valorous and patient.

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