Vladimir Vysotsky. A Sad Love Song.

CTranslated by Akbar Muhammad, partly adapted from Olga Mona’s translation.atherine.

Give me a glance! My heart is broken, dear Catherine

By your light step, your laughter, and your eyes.

Ye’re so beautiful, what’s yours is pretty everything

But costly dresses would increase your price.

I’ll buy you any fancy gowns, and hats, and roses,

And real gems, and everything ye want!

I promise you that ye’ll look better than Dolores,

Whom I did in, and who was so hot...

Do trust me Catherine, that like an o’erfilled river

Our joyful life will flow forth and forth.

At any price I’ll make you happy, O my dear,

And not each year I do in my girls.

My dear Catherine, give up ye any doubt

An honest heart is throbbing in my chest.

Let’s take a sledge, it’s the right time for riding out!

Let’s go, baby! Later ye’ll be dead...


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