Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. A Sad Love Song.

A Sad Love Song.Adapted from Alec Vagapov’s translation by Akbar Muhammad.

One fine day I walked in the fresh air,
And hurt two queer fellows by chance.
The policemen took me to the station,
Where I saw her... and broke down at once.

I knew not why on earth she was there,
Perhaps for getting her passport renewed.
She was beautiful, lovely and fair...
So my will was to start in pursuit.

To her house, I followed behind her,
She wouldn’t talk to a bully, I thought.
Took a glass — and got bold to invite her
To the nearest restaurant. Why not?

As we walked men gave smiles at my pair,
So my mind was in full on the blink!
I just punched a fellow who dared
To give her, as some broad, a wink.

She considered the caviar delicious,
And, as I saved on her no expense,
I often asked for smash hits of musicians,
And the last ordered one was “The Cranes”.

I made promises, showing my feeling,
Swore devotion for her the whole night.
“Since I met up you, I haven’t been stealing,
“O my goddess, my love at first sight.”

I proclaimed that my life had been ruined,
Blew my nose and wiped tears from my eyes,
And she said, “My dear one, I’m yours truly,
“You’ll take me at a reasonable price.”

I slapped her in the face in despair,
I was boiling like crazy inside —
I realized why she really was there,
At the station, my love at first sight...


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