Vladimir Vysotsky. A Ballad of Love.

AAdapted from Mika Tubinshlak’s translation by Akbar Muhammad. Lyrical Song.

To Marina Vladi.

Here spruce-branches shiver, suspended in sleep,

Here birdsong is anxious and quaking.

Ye live in a forest enchanted and deep,

And have no dream of escaping.

Let the ash-berry tree set the forest ablaze,

Let the creepers embrace you like lovers

All the same, I will take you away from this place

To a palace of music and flowers.

Your world by the wizards for ages is cursed,

It’s covered from me and the sunlight.

And ye think that it’s the best place in the Earth,

This forest, forbidding and silent.

Let the Moon quarrel with clouds and one can’t see her face,

Let the air drip its magical potion

All the same, I will take you away from this place

To a tower overlooking the Ocean.

When finally I break the unbreakable charms,

And ye come to me out of hiding,

I will carry you far away in my arms

To some place where they’ll never find you.

I will steal you if theft is what pleases your heart,

All the paths in this forest I’ve taken.

Are ye ready for Eden with me in a hut,

If the tower and the palace aren’t vacant?


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