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Compilation, redaction, foreword and commentaries by Akbar Muhammad.

English translation by Stanley Altshuller, Vadim Astrakhan, Tatiana Avash, Vadim Baranovsky, Thomas Beavitt, Yevgeny Bonver, de Cate and Nav­rozov, Vya­cheslav Chetin, Vyache­slav Chistyakov, Eugeny Derbarmdiker, Julie Deshtor, Jack Doughty, Arthur Durando and Irina Popova, Serge Elnitsky, Bill Ever­ett, Eugenia Fuchs, Boris Gendelev, Svetlana Gulin, Vladimir Gurvich, Bruce and Kathryn Hamilton, Andrey Kneller, Eugeny Koshelev, Edward Leit­man, Olga Mo­na, Akbar Mu­ham­mad, Stas and Mar­gar­et Po­rokh­nya, Oleg Roderik, Sergey Roy, Pavlo Shos­tak, Dmitry Sivan, Eugeny Sarkisyants, Alex Sokolov, Yevgeny Sokolovsky, George Tokarev, Alex Tol­kach­ev, Mika Tubinshlak, Natalia Tverskova, Alec Vagapov, Tamara Var­dom­skaya, Daria Verzh­bov­sky, Eugenia Weinstein, Ilya Yakubovich, Dmitry Yef­re­mov, Anna Zaigraeva and anon­y­mous authors.

Russian translation by Tatiana Chernyshova, Roman Dubrovkin, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Maria Karp, El’ga Linetskaya, Nonna Slepakova, Sergey Stepanov, Eu­geny Vitkovsky and anon­y­mous author.

In the commentaries, there are used poems and songs“Throw your blues as a cantaloupe rind!..” — “What know you about war, comrade?..” by I. Girkin. “Hunting for Wild Boars” “At present I’ve been through with battles...” by I. Girkin. “Hymn to the Sea and the Mountains”“The Rus­sian Columbuses” by S. Slutsker. “The White Silence”“Blow the Very Cold Winds” by S. Slutsker. “This night the sea cannot relax...”“On the Death of Pompeii” by A. Pushkin. “A Pirate Song”“A Pirate Lyrical Song” by B. Okudzhava. “The Storm”“Now we don’t hear the sound of the sea...” and “The Old-Timers Go Home” by anonymous authors. “Become a Seaman” — “The Beginners” by Anonymous, “Albatrosses” by S. Slutsker and “The Ship” by V. Belozerov. “We put out to ocean...”“The Submarine” by Anonymous, “Kursk” and “The Steel Fellows” by S. Slutsker, “A Song of Submariners” by A. Gorodnitsky, “A Good-Looking Girl” by A. Scharov and “The Tired Submarine” by S. Greben­ni­kov. “A Farewell to the Mountains”“Fann Mountains” by Y. Vizbor. “On Fatal Dates and Figures”“The Poet and the Fools” by A. Pushkin and “The Fabulists” by R. Kipling. “Alyoha” — “The Bridegroom” by R. Kipling. “We Have Gone”“Slowly clouds float cross the sky...” by A. Galich. “The crown...”“Bound Rossia appealed to her sons...” and “The Destinies of Officer” by I. Girkin. “About the Chinese Problem” — “Mama, mama, how shall I endure that?..” by Anon­y­mous. “There’s No More the Curved Seashore” — “A fir-tree, green and little...” by R. Kudasheva and “The Blue Rail­car” by E. Uspensky. “A Strange Jumping” — “Road-Song of the Bandar-Log” by R. Kipling. “The Song of Mar’­yushka” — “The Love Song of Har Dyal” by R. Kipling. “In Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky”“Atlantes” by A. Gorodnitsky. “The Poet’s dead! a slave to honor...” — “Death of the Poet” by M. Lermontov. by Valery Belozerov, Alexander Galich, Igor Girkin, Al­ex­an­der Gorodnitsky, Sergey Grebennikov, Rud­yard Kipling, Raisa Ku­da­sheva, Mikhail Lermontov, Bulat Okudzhava, Alexander Pushkin, Stanislav Slutsker, Eduard Uspensky, Yury Vizbor, Al­ex­an­der Zharov and anonymous authors, and ex­cerpts from Porphyry Ivanov’s works.

Additional references are listed in the attached listThe American Standard Version of the Holy Bible (1901) — http://www.ebible.org/asv/.
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The meaning of the Holy Qur’an by Muhammad Taqi-ud-Deen al-Hilali and Muhammad Muhsin Khan
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