Vladimir Vysotsky. A Song about the Anti-Semites.

A Song about the Anti-Semites.Adapted from Stas and Margaret Porokhnya and
George Tokarev’s translations by Akbar Muhammad.

To go on the highway,

 no strong reason see I,

Therefore I’ve decided

 to join anti-Semites.

Though under the law,

 they’re inveterate villains,

They’ve gotten the support

 of fanatical millions.

As there’s a decision,

 some ones will be battered.

But who’re those Semites?

 I must know the matter.

They’re, perhaps, individuals

 quite decent and fair,

To strike at such people,

 of course, I won’t dare.

But my crony quickly

 dispelled my suspicions:

He said those people

 are only plain Hebrews.

I’m happy, my bros,

 it’s so rare and dear,

I worry no more,

 since there’s nothing to fear!

Initially, I held back

 my heart aspiration

Through Albert Einstein, who

 belonged to this nation.

You’ll, maybe, forgive me,

 but I have to ask you

Of Abraham Lincoln:

 should he be unmasked too?

There’s ’mongst them, respecting

 the fair sex Kapler,

And also my favor-

ite clown Charlie Chaplin,

Baruch de Spinoza,

 and sufferers from Nazism,

And even the orig-

inator of Marxism.

But my crony, after

 a fortunate business,

Said they suck the blood of

 the Christian infants;

And once in a pub,

 my companions informed me,

That in the old time,

 by the Hebrews was God killed.

They always need blood,

 all of them are vampires,

Last month in the park,

 they did in several bisons!

And I know these dogs’ sons

 steal bread from the nation,

In order to cause dis-

array and starvation.

They grab what they want to,

 and win all the tosses,

They’ve built grand abodes

 and live there like bosses...

I’m ready for pound-

ing, robbing and squashing,

And I kick these kikes, and

 save my dear Rossia!


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