Vladimir Vysotsky. Who For What Runs.

TAdapted from Andrey Kneller’s translation by Akbar Muhammad.he Morning Exercise.

Don’t sleep, comrades, do awake

let’s start running on the place.

Look, all runners are as even as on the start!

How it’s good when a beginner

can be sure he’ll be the winner,

Stationary running sets at ease the

soul and heart!

Breathe in deeply, arms out more,

don’t move quickly three and four!

Grace and pliability are emphasized!

All around conditioning,

the revival quickening

If ye’re as yet fidgeting

the exercise!

If ye’re doing it at home,

do lie down, friends three and four!

Go correctly through each single motion!

Lose the tensity ye feel,

get accustomed to the drill,

Breathe in very deeply till


Tears the folks throughout the world

influenza three and four!

The disease is gradually thriving.

Those who’re weak will meet their death!

If ye want to get good health,

With cold water rub yourself

or, shower ye!

If ye’ve spent not all your force

stand and squat, friends, stand and squat.

We don’t fear the Arctic and Antarctic!

Our main scholar Dr. Joffe

proved that ’stead of rum and coffee,

One can use the active prophy-


All the talking should be stopped

keep on squatting till ye drop,

And don’t be depressed or sullen creatures!

If ye want to keep your ardor,

set yourself to something harder

In the ice hole, start the bath pro-



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