Vladimir Vysotsky. Life Is Twisted.

CAdapted from de Cate and Navrozov and Natalia
Tverskova’s translations by Akbar Muhammad.
andles trickle and drown...

Candles trickle and drown

The parquet ancient floor,

On the shoulders flows down

Epaulets’ silver ore.

Golden wine effervesces

In the goblet and view...

All the past goes away with,

Frees the room for a new.

Having felt sheer boredom

From the death’s ruthless eye,

Scared stags bound forward

Toward the hunters’ true fire.

At a person who is blameless,

Someone lays the gun tube...

All the past goes away with,

At the door stands a new.

Someone gloating and narrow

With the evil joy aims

Razor-sharp poisonous arrows

At the sunset’s red flame.

In the melodies’ tempest,

Threadbare notes renew...

All the past goes away with,

On its place goes a new.


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