Vladimir Vysotsky. The Hill.

Commentary to the song “The Hill”.

There are the six main messengers to mankind highlighted in the Holy Qur’an the prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all. The seventh main messenger is the God of the Earth, and the eighth is the Mahdi, what means the guided one, who will fill the earth with fairness and jus­tice and for the eighth time, as the song says, we shall conquer the hill for ever (we have conquered and left it seven times).

These messengers are also symbolized by the colonists of Lincoln Island, whose adventures were narrated by Jules Verne at first there were also six of them. The repentant former robber from the neighboring island Tom Ayrton, who joined them later, symbolizes the God of the Earth, and the captain of the ship “Duncan” Robert Grant, who rescued the colonists, symbolizes the Mahdi.

The number of members of the Polynesian expedition of Thor Heyerdahl was also six, and the decisive assistance to their daring enterprise was provided by the President of Peru and, by his order, the naval minister of this country.

This song was written in 1965, its part was used in the film “I Came from Childhood” (1966).

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