Vladimir Vysotsky. The Criminal Code.

ITranslated by Akbar Muhammad, partly
adapted from Andrey Kneller’s translation.
’m on the Job.

I’m on the job and with a knife,
And don’t ye touch me at this time!
Then I as ever go to a mess.
It makes no difference what they say,
All what I’ve gained I drink away,
And I’ll forever walk this way, my friends.

A man comes up to me and says,
“Our life’s too arduous nowadays
The scums like you must spend their time in cells.”
I never talk with such odd birds,
And did him in without words,
And I’ll forever do the same, my friends.

If ye’re just curious what I think
Ye’re welcome, friend, let’s have a drink,
And any problem we’ll take up and fix.
But if ye’re on that odd bird’s path
The law applies to all of us,
And it’ll forever stay just as it is.


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