Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. Serving the Elements.

A Day.Adapted from Andrey Kneller, George Tokarev and
Alec Vagapov’s translations by Akbar Muhammad.

Well, now my hands shake not at all,

So I’ll move on!

Into the precipice for all

My fears have gone.

I have no reason for a halt

Nor for a break,

There are no tops in the whole world

That I can’t take!

One of the honorary lots

Is only mine,

One of the very high world’s tops

I’ll reach with time.

I’m treading in the steps of Men

That here fought,

To bring this pathway to its end

Is what I want.

All my offenses and mistakes

I’ve left behind —

I’m filling in a new blank page

Of my new life.

Above eagles’ aeries and cloud herds

My top is seen,

And I believe that snows and words

Are always clean!

And let the years pass away —

Until I die,

I will advance toward my aim

In rain or shine.

That day the water breathed to me,

“Wish thee the best!..”

It was, when this occurred to be,

A Wednesday, yes...


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