Poems and Songs on Vladimir Vysotsky.

The Exhortation for Myself.

Written by Igor Girkin.

Don’t wait for orders! Don’t sit still,
Don’t listen to dulcet tones!
Go forward through downpours and winds
And wailing of snowstorms!

Forget about repose and ease,
While thou liv’st—make way!
There will be ages for those deeds
When lying in the grave!

Be honest, brave, do a real work,
Be at thy work a swell.
If get’st to order—take care of
Thy people as of thyself!

A man who never made o’ersights,
He spent his days in vain—
That man didn’t bear the load of life
And dragged without avail!

Don’t be concerned about a get
And what the public says—
Remember that but God will set
A price for thy affairs!


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