Songs of Other Authors Performed by Vladimir Vysotsky.

Our greatly praised world is so pitchy...Translated by Akbar Muhammad.

Written by David Markish.

Our greatly praised world is so pitchy,
Here’s the snowfall in summer and winter.
Through it Man makes his pathway of life,
He’s religious and sinful alike.
Who’s thy God, O Man, what’s thy goal? —
Both of answers for thee are unknown,
And therefore thou’rt suffering pain,
O Man, on thy questionable way.

Vanya, listen to me, my dear child,
Gypsies are all the people in this life.
He may lose color and pass away,
Or become a fine flower again...
Maybe thou’lt get here wealth and kids,
But then thou’lt return to the King...
Thy bright eyes, my dear Vanya, will bloom
Like two fairy-tale poppies of blue.

Circa 1962.

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