Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. The Interrupted Flifht.

Commentary to the song “No myself here, I’ve left Mother Rossia!..”

It is pertinent to give here Gaius Petronius Arbiter’s words: “Si quis vitiorum omnium inimicus rectum iter vitae coepit insistere, primum propter morum dif­fer­en­ti­am odium habet; quis enim potest probare diversa?” (“If a man dislikes all vices, and proceeds to tread a straight path in life, he is hated first of all because his character is different; for who is able to like what differs from himself?”)

Shortly before his death, Vladimir Vysotsky said about this song: “I wrote it a long time ago, when there was just the usual burst of gossip.”

The song was written in 1970.

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