Vladimir Vysotsky. A Song about the Anti-Semites.

Commentary to the song “Mishka Shifman”.

The poet’s words “if there was an alien (in his family in the poem, in his work in the interpretation), he was but a Tatar” were fulfilled — the preparation of his poems and songs for this publication was performed by a man having Turkic blood in his veins, and most of them were edited.

It is pertinent to recall here what is written about the result of the orthographic reform of the Soviet government by Alexander Polovinkin in the article “Changing the Language Is a Catastrophe for Nation”, by Valentin Asmus in his “A Brief Guide to the Old Russian Orthography”, and also by other authors, whose works are presented in “A Collection of Articles about Russian National Spelling” (all these works are in Russian).

And here are the best dictionaries for those who learn Russian: “Dictionary of Church Slavonic and Russian” compiled by the Second Division of the Imperial Acad­e­my of Sciences, “The Complete Church Slavonic Dictionary” compiled by Gregory Dyachenko, and “Dictionary of the Russian Bookish and Spoken Language on the Basis of Old Written Records” compiled by Izmail Sreznevsky.

The song was written in 1972.

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