Vladimir Vysotsky. A Song about the Anti-Semites.

Commentary to the song “Our keel glides on the Don or on the Spree...”

In his work “God’s Judgment Islam in the Bible 200 Prophecies!” (this work is in Russian), Abdurahim Baimatov clearly showed that the Jews have no right to establish a state of their own.

There are many good articles about Palestine these are “Israel-Palestine Right to Return and the Bible” by Labib Kobti and “I Am Israel” by Hashem Said published on the “Al-Bushra” web site, “Why Palestinians Should Never Recognize Israel’s ‘Right to Exist’”, “The Nazis of Our Time” and “Gaza: The Karbulaa of Our Time” published in “The Palestine Times”, “Zionism for Dummies” by William James Martin and many other articles published in “The Palestine Chronicle”...

This song was written in 1972.

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