Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. Family Affairs.

It’s no use to talk to thee!..Adapted from Alec Vagapov’s translation by Akbar Muhammad.

It’s no use to talk to thee! I think
What thou say’st is but a rambling chatter.
So I’ll better go to have a drink,
And discuss with boys a serious matter.

They have vital questions to decide,
For example: “Who’s the most hard drinker?”
And their range of interests is wide —
From our stand to where they sell hard liquors.

We debate two quite important points,
As we hold a heated conversation:
One is how to get the missing coins,
And the other — who will fetch libation.

Thou giv’st me bread kvass instead of wine —
I’m not able to justify thy vision...
Thy horizon is different from mine,
Thou shouldst polish up thy erudition!


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