Vladimir Vysotsky. A Song about Friendship.

A Song about a Friend.

If it happened

that ye met a chap,

And what hides in his chest

can’t guess,

If it’s hard to decide

at once

Good or bad is this one—

Take a risk—walk uphill

with him,

Think him from the word go

a bro:

Let one rope join you both


And ye’ll see his real worth.

If the hills make him feel

quite ill,

If he can only fail

and wail,

Having stumbled on the ice,

he cries,

And his fortitude dies—

Then this one can’t be near—

it’s clear,

Let he walk the straight way


Such a bird shouldn’t be brought


Nor deserves he this song.

But if he neither howled

nor growled,

Maybe he was as tough

as rough,

Yet when ye worked down on

the stones,

He would groan,

but held on;

If this one has broken through

with you

To the top which is shining blue—
Then ye can altogether rely
On the new friend nearby!


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