Poems and Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. We Have Gone.

Commentary to the song “HUNTING FOR WOLVES”.

M i k h a i l S h e m y a k i n is a painter and a sculptor, he was a friend of Vladimir Vysotsky. He left the Soviet Union for Paris, then moved to New York.

The song “Hunting for Wolves” was written in 1968, the song “Hunting from Helicopters” — in 1978, the song “As for today, I’ve passed initial phases...” — in 1972.

The song “Hunting for Wolves” was performed in the play of the Taganka Theater “Take Care of Your Faces!”

The text of “Hunting for Wolves” is inspired by Vadim Astrakhan, Thomas Beavitt, Vyacheslav Chetin, Bruce and Kathryn Hamilton, Eugeny Kosh­e­lev and George To­ka­rev’s translations. The text of “Hunting from Helicopters” is adapted from Bill Everett’s and Eugenia Weinstein’s trans­la­tions. The text of “As for today, I’ve passed in­i­tial phases...” is adapted from George Tokarev’s translation.

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